Mortgage Protection in Florida and California

Mortgage Protection

Protection for your home

A life insurance policy helps protect your home, family and income in case of premature death or the financial devastation of a terminal, chronic, critical illness or critical injury.

Did you know that every 40 seconds in the US a person is diagnosed with cancer, stroke or a heart attack? These life events can prevent you from continuing to work and consequently produce the income that covers your daily expenses.

Univista Insurance offers you the financial security and peace of mind in case one of these life threatening events occur, through life insurance with living benefits. We provide greats coverages (no physical exam) and affordable premiums from companies you can trust.

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Mortgage Protection in Florida and California


Terminal Illness: Generally, if you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that will result in death within 24 months (12 months in some states) of certification of the illness by a physician.

Chronic Illness: A doctor has certified, within the past 12 months, that you are unable to perform two out of six "activities of daily living" for a period of at least 90 consecutive days without assistance, or that you are generally cognitively impaired.

Critical Illness includes: ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Aorta Graft Surgery, Aplastic Anemia, Blindness, Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, End Stage Renal Failure, Heart Attack, Heart Valve Replacement, Major Organ Transplant, Motor Neuron Disease, Stroke, Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Critical Injury: Coma, Paralysis, Severe Burns, Traumatic Brain Injury

Protection for Your Home

FeatureOur PolicyTraditional Mortgage Policy
FlexibilityStructure your policy to meet your needsThe mortgage determines the structure
ChoiceYou choose your beneficiaryThe mortgage holder is the beneficiary
Death BenefitThe death benefit goes to your named beneficiary, they choose how to use itThe death benefit automatically goes to the mortgage holder
ProtectionPermanent life insurance generally maintains a level death benefitThe death benefit generally decreases in step with the outstanding mortgage debt
PortabilityYou can take your policy with you when you sell your home or refinanceA traditional mortgage protection policy is normally tied to a specific mortgage
Cash ValuePermanent life insurance can build cash value for the futureTraditional mortgage policies do not build any future value
Living BenefitsOptional Riders can provide access to your death benefit in case you are diagnosed with a terminal, chronic, critical illness or a critical injury.No living benefits
Optional RidersOptional riders can provide benefits in case of disability or unemploymentNo disability or unemployment benefits

  • Mortgage Protection in Florida and California

    "Nicholas, married and with two children, suffers a severe heart attack at age 54. He uses the critical illness clause (Benefit Clause 3 Advancing -ABR3-). So he can use that money to cover his medical expenses and pay the family mortgage."

  • Mortgage Protection in Florida and California

    "Isaac who had less than two years to live. Through the terminal illness clause (Advanced Benefit Clause) he chose to access the total death benefit to enjoy life to the fullest during his last two years."

  • Mortgage Protection in Florida and California

    "Sophie at 79 develops a chronic illness and enters a nursing home. The chronic illness clause allows you to help pay for the nursing home and other medical expenses."

  • Mortgage Protection in Florida and California

    "Juan and Maria are parents of Antonio, who is about to begin his university studies. Through loans and withdrawals, you can access the amount accumulated in your policy to offset tuition payments."

  • Mortgage Protection in Florida and California

Mortgage Protection in Florida and California

We all want to provide love and protection to those that depend on us for everything. One of the main attributes of the typical hero is to provide help when it's most needed. That's how we look at life insurance...Life insurance coverage isn't about you. It's the ultimate gift of love - a legacy that you can provide to the ones who matter most to YOU. Whether you are there or not, they can continue to live, grow, and achieve.

Let's get started. We'll have you back to your super hero duties in no time...

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